Roser Pérez


Inspired by Nature’s Unique Designs, I have never felt more at home than in the country that welcomed my dreams. Ireland, her sinuous coastline, her amethyst and topaz skies, her turquoise waves and white horses…her pearly dawns and ruby sunsets… A nation of musicians and crafters, poets, fishermen, land worshippers and dream catchers.

A modest nation of true sporting kings and queens. I have always been driven by a strong desire to design, create, make beautiful meaningful things… I remember my first long necklace of minute little cargoleens, I had collected them over the burning sand, no bigger than a lentil, hammer and sewing pin in hand, I pierced them one by one, what a joy in finishing the strand! The pin became a pen, the pen became a chisel, the chisel became a rattle, the rattle became a punch… All making its bespoke marks, stepping stones through a life of learning about Nature's shapes and precious gifts.

My heart gets filled with wonder when I pick a pebble, such a long swimming voyage in its core, or a little golden nugget, melting to form a ball under the flame…The perfect lines of crystallised precious stones, their infinity of tantalising colours… A product of earth’s natural wonders. And our body…. the perfect sculpture of nature’s wisdom. With every piece of jewellery and sculpture I share with you a gift of form, shape, and colour. Made for you to feel the passion of nature’s beautiful unique creations.
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Inspired by nature's unique designs

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
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